Statistics is a science, but, at the same time, it is a form of art. Just knowing the theory, like the asymptotic properties of estimators, is often not enough to work on real-life and business applications.
A good statistician is able to combine a strong theoretical background with the learning-by-doing expertise of an artisan, solid mathematical skills with intuition and heuristics. The perfect statistician understands your language and is able to work with you efficiently.
This is our job, this is what we do best.

From the basic descriptive statistics to the most advanced statistical techniques, our mission is to help you in extracting the best information from your data. Data are knowledge, data are power.

Our S-T-A-T-istician-S have not only a comprehensive knowledge of statistics and data science, but also many different specializations, so that we can really answer your questions and solve your problems.

What are you looking for? Social Network Analysis?
We can do that!
The latest survival analysis tools for PD and LGD estimation?
Here we are!
Optimal ways of designing clinical trials?
We know how to help you.
The list could continue with parametric and nonparametric methods, risk analysis, big data analytics, extreme value theory... But we do not want to bore you.

Contact us: the first hour of consulting is always free and non-binding.
If we are able to solve your problem in one hour, we are happy to do that for free and we can have a coffee together.
Otherwise we will agree with you on a consulting plan.

What we offer is “Statistical Consulting Reinvented”.
Test us!
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