S-T-A-T-S’ training is a clever investment for clever people

At S-T-A-T-S, we offer top quality training in statistics, statistical software and statistical reasoning.
We tailor all our courses to your goals and needs. We can organize online and offline courses. In our offices or by you (on-site).

With us, you will learn how to manage uncertainty, how to turn data into knowledge by extrapolating the right information, how to make some serious data-driven forecasting (when it makes sense!).
It is not important whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, our training services will help you in improving your analytical and statistical skills.
In all of our courses we propose an effective combination of theory and practice.

Example of courses:
  • Statistical theory (from the basics to the most advanced techniques: you choose)
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk Management (Market, Credit, Operational, Model, Liquidity)
  • Econometrics
  • Computational statistics
  • SAS® programming, thanks to our certified SAS teachers
  • Matlab® Programming
  • R Programming
  • Statistics with Excel®

On-site training: the best professors at your door
We know that your time is money and we are dedicated to help you in making the most of it.
We offer on-site training courses with your group and your machines.
Why? On-site training is cost-effective and represents the best way to train your group on actual business problems.
Attendees can naturally share examples, data and questions that are relevant to your key problems.
Each course (and the materials) is targeted to your specific goals and needs. Everything is completely tailor-made.

Statistical Reasoning
Statistical Reasoning is a brand new way of dealing with uncertainty. The course is specifically conceived for managers and entrepreneurs.
The course is built upon three key-concepts: understanding and managing uncertainty, effective information exploitation, and decision-making in presence of uncertainty.

Are you interested?
Please feel free contact us. A first meeting is completely free and it will offer you the possibility of discovering us and discuss your needs.
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